CNC welding of linear joints.

No material addition, no flux and completely

Friction Stir Welding is a completely automated, CNC-driven process which is used to weld two parts together by mean of a plastic deformation process.

There is no melting, but just a plastic deformation providing high quality, leak-tight joints.

Contrary to vacuum brazing, the joints are linear and follow the coolant channel alongside to provide a pressure-resistant design.

We can FSW within a work area of 2500×700 mm, with overall part size as big as 3000x800mm.

FSW is cost-effective and high quality process, now becoming a standard in welding automotive parts for battery and inverter cooling.

Today at COOLTECH are availbale different types of tools in order to manufacture different types of profiles.

Materials that today we can weld are :

  • ENAW6060.
  • ENAW6101.
  • ENAW6082.
  • ENAW5074.
  • ENAW1050.
  • Some types of DIE CASTED alloys.

In same case alloys above can be welded also in mixed combination like for example: ENAW6082 with Die casted alloys.

Feel free to contact us for special applications.