FSW is a well know welding process with a wide use in several appications from very special case like aerospace industry to high numbers applications like the automotive industry required.

Thanks to the high quality and repeatability this process is used to weld critical components e.g. fuel tanks in the aerospace insudtry. Using the same principle we are using this welding method for the welding of our Liquid Cold Plates. Tests show that the FSW joint is up to 80% as good as the base material, compared to 50-55% of a traditional TIG welded joint. This is mainly thanks to the fact that the FSW is not generating a pool of melted metal but the material is just below the melting temperature during the friction process. The FSW process is performed in our CNC milling shop by our operators and the quality of the welding is kept under control by our laboratory. The result is a leak-free joint, with very good mechanical properties. The FSW is also a cost effective process suitable for industrial markets.

Today at COOLTECH are availbale different types of tools in order to manufacture different types of profiles.

Materials that today we can weld are :

  • ENAW6060.
  • ENAW6101.
  • ENAW6082.
  • ENAW5074.
  • ENAW1050.
  • Some types of DIE CASTED alloys.

In same case alloys above can be welded also in mixed combination like for example: ENAW6082 with Die casted alloys.

Feel free to contact us for special applications.