About the Company

COOLTECH  is  an  engineering  and  manufacturing  company  specialized  in custom  thermal systems, including cold plates and liquid cooling units. Our key advantages are the possibility  to  provide  to our  customers turn-key  solutions  to  be easily  integrated into their products and the all around approach to any thermal problem thanks to our knowledge in the manufacturing of cold plates and cooling systems.

The HYDAC group
A global group with local presence

HYDAC is an internationally active company group with over 9500 employees, 50 branch offices and 500 trade and service partners worldwide.

HYDAC stands for hydraulics, systems and fluid engineering. The product range includes components, subsystems and complete systems for hydraulics, lubrication, cleanliness of fluids and process engineering, e.g. filters, accumulators, fittings, cooling systems, cylinders, electronics and measurement technology.


Become the leader in the specific liquid cooling system market for power electronics, providing technologically advanced solutions which bring benefits for our customers.


To provide to our customers high performance and customized solutions thanks to a strong TEAM made of committed and passionate people, aiming to operational and product excellence, together with ethics and a spirit of competitiveness.