By Liquid channel technology

The Liquid Cold Plate B.U. offers aluminium liquid cold plates, from small size parts for LED or laser cooling, up to large unit for IGBT cooling. Thanks to our internal design team, we are able to design high performance cold plates optimizing them with CFD analysis and to perform qualification tests in our laboratory.

The cold plates are manufactured in our CNC department and joined together using vacuum brazing and FSW processes. Thanks to our in-house vacuum furnaces and FSW capabilities, we are able to provide prototypes in short time.

We can offer different type of cold plates, according to the thermal performances which are required.

Suitable Range

5 families based on internal technology adopeted for heat transfer

Special geometry defined by COOLTE- CH improving performances on thermal side keeping same comparable pressure drop of other technologies.

Technology that use pin fin internal structure. Pins can have different shapes, cilindrical or rhombus shape depending on initial technical specification.

Narrow channel internal structure where channels can be straight or wave. Normal width of channels less than 4 mm.

Internal structure based on folded fins technology, good compromise between performance and cost.

Milled channel approach where performance are not so demanding, channel width more than 10 mm.