Business Units

COOLTECH headquarter and manufacturing facility is based in Formigine, Italy, 45 minutes by road from Bologna Airport and 2 hours from Milano Linate Airport. 

Formigine is a part of a highly industrialized area well known as “Motor Valley”, where state of the art mechanical engineer is well represented by world known brands like Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani; other than that, COOLTECH’s region is today one of the most recognized and important in Italy that means not only mechanics but also industry automation, hydraulics, electronics hardware and software development. 

Last but not least in a radius of 300 km is possible to find all competences for our sector thanks to well distributes universities and a premier supply chain for all possible needs: from services to components. 

Today COOLTECH is based in 3 different buildings all include in an area of 1 km diameter: 

  • Facility 1 and headquarter of COOLTECH. Location where Liquid Coldplate business unit (LCP BU) is. 2700 indoor square meters with dedicated operation and technical team are for LCP BU.
  • Facility 2. Location where Advanced Thermal System business unit (ATS BU) is. 2200 indoor square meters with dedicated operation and technical team for ATS BU. 
  • Facility 3: warehouse for ATS BU. 1700 indoor square meters.


The Cold Plates Business Unit (LCP) designs and produces liquid cooled plates of different types, using our in-house capabilities such as Vacuum Brazing, FSW and our extensive CNC machining capacity.
Our machining department is equipped with 9 CNC machining centers, vertical and horizontal working approach and from 3 to 5 axis possibility; n.2 Vacuum Furnaces; n.2  FSW equipment and an end of line equipped with Helium leak-test systems and functional test bench.

Manufacturing is supported by a control room equipped by n2. CMM machines and other tools for all mechanical measurements.

Very important is also our lab which include: a metallurgical area for metal analysis, a specific area for fatigue test like pressure cycle test and burst test and a brand-new functional test bench to check about cold plate performances from hydraulic to thermal analysis.


The Cooling Unit Business Unit (ATS) develops and produces air to liquid, liquid to liquid, compressor based cooling units for markets where high technology, efficiency, robustness and fast maintenance are the drivers.
About 2000 square meters are dedicated to assembly areas for a total of 3 different production lines, including a dedicated clean production area realized inside an ISO 8 clean room.
All lines are equipped with state of the arts test benches and helium leak test equipment.

Logistic is based on FIFO, kitting preparation and lean production concepts with the support of 4 automated vertical storage systems.

This department is equipped with qualification test laboratories for functional and environmental qualification tests. 

Test benches for production and lab validations are all developed by COOLTECH team.