Prototyping & testing capabilities


As an important step of the development process, the prototyping phase is realized by our R&D departments. Both teams have specific equipment and areas where the first Demonstrator, Functional model, ALPHA units, or simply prototypes are realized, tested and improved before the other stages of the NPI, which is the industrialization of the product and validation of the processes for mass production.
The prototypes are normally produced from R&D people which use this opportunity to closely follow up every small details of the prototype.
We believe in the mutual growth of technical team and production team thanks to a cooperation from the early stages.

Testing capabilities

Testing has been the focus of COOLTECH since the beginning. Every year we invest in expanding our testing equipment and facility to allow our engineers to be able to reproduce real and extreme conditions. Qualification testing is a very important step of the development process, for prove our knowledge and competences and for creating the basis to avoid issue in the field.

Our test lab performs confidence tests, qualification tests, reliability and HALT lifetime tests, metallurgical and dimensional inspections.

Thanks to our experience we are also now able to design the specific test tools necessary at the end of line for validation during the production.

Our test capabilities include:

  • Temperature controlled room of 12 sqm where lifetime tests are performed.
  • Temperature and humidity controlled room of 14 square meters where functional tests are performed. We can simulate ambient temperatures from room temperature to 60°C and humidity up to 95%.
  • Votch 340L temperature and humidity chamber, to simulate environmental temperature from -40°C to +180°C, with humidity control.
  • Pressure cycling equipment for fatigue testing of components or assemblies.
  • Pressure burst equipment for fatigue testing of components or assemblies.
  • Heat load simulator for thermal testing of cooling units up to 70 kW and expandable in case of need
  • Heat load simulator for thermal testing of cold plates up to 40 kW
  • Set of equipment to prepare samples for metallurgical inspection.
  • ZEISS 1000x microscope for metallurgical analisys of welded or brazed joints
  • N.2 WENZEL 3D CMM (coordinates measurement machine) with measuring area of 2000x800x700h and 950x500x500h mm.
  • Many temperature, pressure and flow sensors used in our test benches.
  • Possibility for realization of functional models in order to appreciated GAP from a specific working point.
Helium leak-test equipment

Helium leak testing is a core competence of COOLTECH. Thanks to the high accuracy of these equipment, we can measure leak rates up to 1×10-6 mbar l/s. The VACUUM chamber and sniffing methods are available to cover a wide range of different applications.

Test benches and a wide range of calibrated sensors

Thanks to the deep experience in testing and validation we are today able to design for internal scope for both prototyping and production specific test benches with the necessary feature for the scope prescribed.

Our laboratory is provided with multiple sensors in order to measure different kind of values such as : liquid flow, air flow, pressure, temperature, vibration, noise and power. The full set of sensors is widely used during our type tests or confidence testing performed from our skilled personnel.

Metallurgical analysis for welding joints inspection

Our internal laboratory is also provided with state-of-the-art equipment for metallurgical inspection and analysis. We have internal know-how to define and control the welding parameters and profiles, which is very important in order to properly set up the production of TIG, FSW (Friction Stir Welding) and VB (Vacuum Brazing) joints.

Thermal rooms to reliability and functional (type) tests

We have two different thermal rooms where our development team performs functional and reliability testing. With a footprint of 12 sqm, each room is a key equipment for our engineers who use these installations to qualify components and systems. Type and reliability tests are important deliverables of our NPI (New Product Introduction) process.

Pressure cycling, Burst pressure and thermal cycling equipment

Our laboratory is provided with pressure cycling equipment , where we simulate accelerated lifetime test for our pressure components such as vessels, piping or standard components such sensors. The environmental chamber can simulate temperatures from -40°C to +180°C with humidity control and we can combine together the pressure cycling test with also temperature cycling. We can also perform burst pressure test up to 200 Bar.

3D CMM dimensional measurement

Our CNC department also uses 3D CMM inspection machine to perform sample inspection of prototypes or production parts. The CMM has a working area of 2000 x 800 x 700h mm.