Our Liquid Cold Plates (LCP) are manufactured in our modern CNC milling shop, using very fast and accurate machines with spindle speeds of 12.000 rpm and traverse speeds up to 35.000 mm/min. We are able to manufacture from small to high volume productions, using the best SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) methods to decrease downtime and increase efficiency. Special tools are designed in house to have maximum flexibility and error free processes. In the CNC shop we also manufacture components for our cooling units.

Our milling equipments list:

Vertical milling center:

  • N.2 VF4 SS from HAAS:
    • Working area XYZ: 1270x508x635 mm
  • N.1 VF5 40XT from HAAS
    • Working area XYZ: 1524x660x635 mm
  • N.1 VF6 SS from HAAS
    • Working area XYZ: 1626x813x762 mm

Horizontal milling center:

  • N.2 CWK 400D from STARRAG HECKERT:
    • Working area XYZ:  600x600x600 mm


  • N.2 Multiplier spindle up to 50.000 RPM