Vacuum Brazing

A clean, high quality joining process

No flux, no contaminants, from low to high volume production.
Vacuum brazing is a well-know process in aerospace, railway and medical industries. This process allows to join multiple parts together by mean of a brazing material, which is melting just below the melting point of the base material.

Thanks to the vacuum athmosfere, there is NO NEED OF FLUX agents, avoiding the risk to have contaminants into the cold plate.

We can braze parts up to 460×1360 mm

Even if we provide vacuum brazed cold plates to aerospace, railway and medical industries, we are able to compete against lower quality processes also for mass production parts such as automotive and power conversion cold plates.


Core material:

  • ENAW6082.
  • ENAW6060.
  • ENAW6101.
  • ENAW6061.
  • ENAW3003.

Cladding materials:

  • ENAW4004.
  • ENAW4104.

Other materials under requests.

Feel free to contact us for special applications.