By Manufacturing method & mechanical need

The Liquid Cold Plate B.U. offers aluminium liquid cold plates, from small size parts for LED or laser cooling, up to large unit for IGBT cooling. Thanks to our internal design team, we are able to design high performance cold plates optimizing them with CFD analysis and to perform qualification tests in our laboratory.

The cold plates are manufactured in our CNC department and joined together using vacuum brazing and FSW processes. Thanks to our in-house vacuum furnaces and FSW capabilities, we are able to provide prototypes in short time.

We can offer different type of cold plates, according to the thermal performances which are required.

5 families based on internal technology adopeted for heat transfer

These are the family typically used in case of performance and where a certain strength from the coldplate is required. Typical application for IGBT cooling or Thyristor. They are realized by milling and both vacuum brazing and friction stir welding are applicable.

Family where the form factor of the coldplate is very important, more than performances some time. Specific feature of this family is the thickness: coldplate can be very thin: below 10 mm, until 4-5 mm. Typical application for battery cooling. These coldplates can be realized combining stamping method and milling using both friction stir welding or vacuum brazing.

In this case we have a combination between a die casted housing for liquid where is welded by friction a component to increase the thermal performance. The good combination between cost and performance where there are high numbers to be produced (>10.000 per year in running production).
The joining technology used is the friction stir welding.

These cold plates consists of a copper or stainless steel tube pressed into a milled aluminum base plate. The tubes are fixed thanks to the deformation and using a thermally conductive epoxy to fill the gap between the aluminum plate and the tube. CT-ET cold plates are assembled using copper or stainless steel tubes (AISI 316L).

Coldplates fully realized in copper for specific applications. For this family typically we can have internally milled channel or pin fin technology.