Milled Channels LCP: MC series

  • The most cost effective cold plate solution with  λ: 0,09 °C/W,  Pmax: 30 bar
  • All aluminum construction available with Friction Stir Welding process (FSW) or Vacuum brazing process (VB).
  • MC cold plates use milled channels positioned below the heat load to remove the heat.
  • MC cold plates are used in industrial and medical applications where it’s necessary to move from air to liquid cooling and the design needs the maximum flexibility.
  • Thanks to the strength and speed of the FSW process, these cold plates are today the most cost effective solution to cool components with a maximum power density of 20 W/cm2.
  • MC cold plates can be assembled using Friction Stir Welding using EN-AW6082 aluminum alloy or Vacuum Brazed using  AL EN-AW6060, EN-AW3003 and EN-AW4004.